Monday, June 16, 2014

New Book on Investing in Saudi Arabia Launched by Thomson Reuters

I am pleased to announce that our long-awaited book on investing in Saudi Arabia, co-authored with my colleague Amgad Husein, managing partner of Dentons-Riyadh, has at last been published. A Legal Guide to Doing Business in Saudi Arabia fills a gap in the legal literature on the Middle East's largest economy, bringing clarity and practical insight to foreign companies investing in Saudi Arabia or considering registering a local presence.
The Legal Guide, published by Thomson Reuters,  provides legal and practical advice on Saudi commercial, labour, tax and financial regulations as well as an overview of Saudi dispute resolution, including local and international arbitration. It includes a chapter on the key principles of the Shari'a (Islamic law) that foreign investors are likely to encounter when entering into contracts, financing projects and resolving disputes. Substantial appendices include explanations of the Capital Market Law, protective measures when drafting contracts and entering into leases, practical tips on obtaining publicly-available information on Saudi companies and advice on the Saudi employment visa and residency card application process. Annual annexes will provide updates to the ever-changing Saudi licensing and commercial regulations. 
The book offers a comprehensive overview of the regulations governing foreign investment in Saudi Arabia. Reviewers have commented that the Legal Guide is indispensable to any company that is serious about establishing a Saudi presence. Sir Sherard Cowper-Coles, former British Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, has noted that the Guide is the "essential vade mecum for any foreign investor in Saudi Arabia" and strongly "commends the book to all with interest in any form of commercial engagement with the Middle East’s most significant economy." Eng. Saleh Ahmad Hefni, Deputy Chairman of Al Ahli Takaful Company, has commented that the Guide "will prove useful to lawyers new to Saudi Arabia, seasoned practitioners and in-house counsel of companies doing business in Saudi Arabia."

The book is available for purchase from Sweet & Maxwell.

Monday, April 21, 2014

تكشِف أدلّة جديدة عن روابط بين "داعش" ونظام الأسد - New Evidence Reveals Links between ISIS and Assad’s Regime

جريدة العرب الدولية "الشرق الأوسط" نشرت سلسلة من مقالات التي تكشّف عن أدلّة جديدة على روابط بين "الدولة الإسلامية للعراق والشام" (داعش) ونظام الأسد وتكشّف أيضاً عن أدلّة جديدة على أنّ إيران وراء "خطة أمنية إلكترونية".
The leading Arabic international newspaper, Asharq Al-Awsat, drawing on new evidence from DamascusLeaks, has recently published a series of articles revealing links between the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria and Assad’s regime, and evidence of Iran behind a plan to deform the image of the Syrian opposition.

يُتضمّن هذه المقالات التالية:
These articles include the following:

عناصر من "داعش" مرتبطة بنظام الأسد ... وإيران وراء "خطة أمنية إلكترونية"
“ISIS Fighters Linked to Assad’s Regime … and Iran behind ‘Electronic Security Apparatus’”
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خُطَط النظام السوري للبقاء: اختراق "داعش" وتشويه صورة المعارضة إلكترونيا
“The Plan to Keep the Syrian Regime in Power: Infiltrate the ISIS and Electronically Denigrate the Image of the Syrian Opposition”
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وثيقة مُسَرَّبة موجهة لعلي مملوك تكشف عن روابط مع مقاتلي "داعش"
“Leaked Document Directed at Ali Mamlouk Reveals Links with ISIS Fighters”
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مَحْضَر اجتماع بين رؤساء أجهزة وخبراء إيرانية: "خطة أمنية إلكترونية" لتشويه صورة المعارضة السياسية والعسكرية
“Report of a Meeting between Security Heads and Iranian Experts: “Electronic Security Apparatus” to Deform the Political and Military Image of the Opposition”
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