Sunday, December 27, 2015

Above the Law Features Dentons’ “Glorious” Parody Video

Anas Akel of Dentons-Jeddah strikes again, putting together a brilliant parody of The A-Team opening video. The “A-Team” featured in his parody is no less than Dentons’ Saudi Arabia legal team. Watch this magnificent work of satire here.

In his debut performance, Anas makes his grand entrance as our own “Howling Mad Murdock with a penchant for eating memos and beating his desk with a shoe.”

Above the Law characterized the video as “glorious”; The Australasian Lawyer described it as “hilarious.”
For the video and Above the Law commentary, click here.
For the Australasian Lawyer commentary, click here.
For the full context, watch the A-Team intro video here.
Now who said Big Law had no sense of humor?

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