Friday, August 6, 2010

"Pure Poetry"

Search for the open door

This film is about a woman’s struggle to break free from the constraints and expectations of an oppressive society. After Laila is disillusioned with a romantic relationship marked by unfaithfulness and deceit, she swears never to fall in love again. Yet the idealistic hero Hussain, a fighter for the liberty of Egypt, relentlessly pursues her and urges her not to let a past relationship impede her from experiencing life to its fullest. With an unshakeable faith that he and Laila will one day be together, his constant love letters slowly prod open her calloused, wounded heart. Laila finally breaks off a wedding engagement arranged by her father and comes to accept the daring, bold, selfless Hussain, the man she always truly loved, while risking all of the comforts of her secure life to pursue him and to make his dreams of them together her own.

This is an outstanding film. Each line is written with deep insight into human nature, life, love, freedom, and happiness, and the words of Hussain are like pure poetry that pierce the heart and inspire the soul.

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